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Discussing IDM Migration Strategies

Days ago I was reading a discussion around Sun IDM Migration Strategies with different approaches. First of all there was an approach named “Migration by Objects” as an Bottom-Up approach. This strategy is attempting to migrate Objects within Sun IDM into the new IDM platform. The next approach I read about was named “Migration by Use Cases” as an Top-Down approach. This meant to migrate Use Cases from Sun IDM into the new IDM platform. Then there was a mixture of both named “Hybrid Migration”, discovering Use Cases by analyzing Objects and / or Implementation. The fourth approach mentioned in this discussion was IMHO something very similar than the “Hybrid Migration” approach, but in this case invented by another company for another target IDM platform.

The fact that hit me while reading those approaches was that it seems like the only way to get rid of Sun IDM is actually really “migrating” Objects or Use Cases or both in different flavors from Sun IDM to another IDM platform. That’s not all from my perspective.

The approach which is completely left out in this discussion is the approach of implementing IDM from scratch. After years of operating an IDM solution like Sun IDM, companies might have realized new needs, new requirements, new systems. Sometimes it makes total sense to invest into a complete new analysis of the situation as-is, finding gaps between the existing implementation and current expectations. I don’t say that this is not possible by using Top-Down, Bottom-Up or hybrid migration approaches. It’s more about the question: does it make sense to migrate at least one single Object or one single Use Case from A to B without looking on the current needs? Even companies running Sun IDM or whatever IDM / IAM solution in the world in these days should have a roadmap on how to increase the value out of their IDM strategy. And strategies are not only about staying with one single solution or one single approach. Strategies have to be redefined to face business needs, technology and the technical development.

But it’s interesting to see that there is still that much interest in migrating existing Sun IDM installations after the Sun acquisition by Oracle at the beginning of 2010 was named the dead of Sun IDM.

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