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eIDClientCore–an open API to the new German electronic ID

The new founded BeID-LAB (Berlin electronic ID laboratory) has published the eIDClientCore, as open API to the new German electronic ID (ePA). The API is acting as middleware between an eID-Provider and the card reader, communicating with the ID.

The API implements parts of the eCARD-API, being an foundation for the eCard strategy of the German government containing projects like eGK (electronic health insurance card), ePA (electronic ID), ePass (electronic passport), ELSTER (electronic tax declaration) and the already buried ELENA (electronic income confirmation).

The eIDClientCore is available as an C/C++ library, currently needing libxpat, libgcrypt and an PCSC driver handling the communication to an card reader.

Use cases for this API might be:

  • two-factor / multi-factor authentication for different web- or cloud services
  • implementation of further eGovernment projects
  • identity-proofing in eGovernment

With the complete source code of the API being available under an open license, this might help to find security issues but also opens up the possibility of exploiting those security issues with code knowledge.

My personal opinion on that: I’m still a bit concerned about the strategy to bring everything into digital abstractions, especially sovereign documents like and ID or an passport. The more I’m concerned about that, the more I’m happy about the chance to have a look inside.

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