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Quick way to check if your password is strong enough

April 11, 2013 Leave a comment

While the #PasswordsMustDie discussion is still on, there is still no final way found to live without passwords. So we have to make the best out of it and make our passwords as secure as possible. But how to achieve that? Normal users can’t figure out if there password is strong or not. But there is help out there in the wilderness of the internet. There are several password security checkers out there. The one i do recommend to friends and my family is the password checker from Microsoft. It can be found here:

You might ask why i do recommend the password checker of Microsoft. This is why: Microsoft is a trustworthy resource on the internet. If you search for password checkers on the internet, you’ll find a lot of them. Tons of password checkers, offline and online are out there. But: you’ll never know which of them is out there to look for your password instead of telling you if your password is strong or not.

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