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First look onto EmpowerID

August 13, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve had the chance to get a demo on one of the .Net-based IAM tools earlier this week. I had the pleasure to get some insight on the EmpowerID product platform. As i do come from a legacy-Voelcker background, being shifted through the aquisition through Quest Software in 2010 and joining my current (vendor neutral – although we do have unique competencies for a couple of IDM / IAM / IAG tools) employer, i’m still working mainly with what is now Dell One Identity Manager, which completely based on the Microsoft .Net stack, as the EmpowerID suite is. There are a couple of things in common: both tools come with their very own database based meta-directory (EmpowerID support Microsoft SQL Server, Dell supports Microsoft SQL Server as well as an Oracle Database Server), both tools use the IIS server for their web applications, both tools do ship with a graphical workflow designer, both tools ship with a bundle of native connectors but are able to be extended using their API capabilities to program custom connectors against their extensible meta-directory. There are a couple of mor things in common betwenn D1IM and the EmpowerID suite, but there are also a whole bunch of differences between the two solutions approaching the same problem. The main issue at least for the european market for the EmpowerID suite is the missing SAP connector to provision into the SAP security stack. They do have a connector to provision Identities from or to SAP HCM natively, which Dell is currently missing as a native connector.

From what i’ve seen during that 90 minute demo, i’d like to get a demo installation of the EmpowerID solution suite to do some hands-on experiments discovering the tool. It looked pretty nice, pretty quick and pretty responsive although the majority of the configuration and administration is done through web interfaces.


Sailpoint addressing Data Access Governance

August 4, 2015 Leave a comment

With the acquisition of Whitebox Security, Sailpoint is extending their portfolio into the emerging Data Access Governance market. The Whitebox Security suite will be rebranded and renamed into the Sailpoint product naming schema as SecurityIQ. The plan is to bring the identity information into correlation with the data centric view in the IT infrastructure to get a clear view to bring visibility into “Who has access to what, using which entitlement?”. According to the press release, SecurityIQ will be integrated into IdentityIQ and IdentityNow, Sailpoint might offer the same depth of integration between Identity and Access Management (IAM) / Identity Access Governance (IAG) and Data Access Governance (DAG) than Dell has with their Dell One Identity Manager and the Dell One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition, which was built on the foundation of the former Quest Access Manager. The market will stay heated up…

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A D1IM programming snippet

August 1, 2015 Leave a comment

There has been a discussion about an implementation detail within Dell One Identity Manager with two colleagues that came up during my family vacation and which i took on after being back at my desk Thursday this week. It all started with the simple question how to catch the event name that triggered a process. The initial answer was „there’s no way to get there“ but this answer is at least outdated. Sure there is a way to catch the event name in an D1IM process by using the EventName-property. So just in case you have a process that is raised by two different events but you want to have a process step being generated only for one dedicated event, the generation condition would look like this:

Value = CBOOL(EventName = <Name of the Event>“)

Just wanted to share this, it might be a helpful snippet in the one or the other project implementation.

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A must read by Ian Glazer (@iglazer)

August 1, 2015 Leave a comment

One of the must-reads during my family vacation was the speech Ian Glazer gave at CIS 2015, titled „Identity is having its TCP/IP moment“. He’s talking about using standards based IAM. His conclusion (which i totally agree onto): not using standards is the wrong way. Ok, he’s expressing it with the phrase „the Banyan Vines of identity“.

He gave this as a speech without any slide deck. The speech can be read on his private blog:

Ian also embedded a video recording of his speech for all of us, who are to impatient to read the whole text. But i do have to recommend to read the text at all, as it’s even more impressive than „just the recording“. Thanks to Ian for such a great speech.

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August 1, 2015 Leave a comment

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, which is why i’ve not been able to take care of my blog. But i was able to recover during our family vacation in Crete while reading a whole lot of material, that i’m currently preparing to get in here. So stay tuned…

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