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A must read by Ian Glazer (@iglazer)

One of the must-reads during my family vacation was the speech Ian Glazer gave at CIS 2015, titled „Identity is having its TCP/IP moment“. He’s talking about using standards based IAM. His conclusion (which i totally agree onto): not using standards is the wrong way. Ok, he’s expressing it with the phrase „the Banyan Vines of identity“.

He gave this as a speech without any slide deck. The speech can be read on his private blog: https://www.tuesdaynight.org/2015/06/09/identity_is_having_its_tcpip_moment.html

Ian also embedded a video recording of his speech for all of us, who are to impatient to read the whole text. But i do have to recommend to read the text at all, as it’s even more impressive than „just the recording“. Thanks to Ian for such a great speech.

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