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Dell One Identity Manager 7.0 Rollup Package 1 released

November 2, 2015 Leave a comment

Dell Software just released the first rollup package for Dell One Identity Manager 7.0 which comes with a bunch of resolved issues as well as a couple of cool new features. Features i’ve been waiting for due to customer issues:

  • Support for encrypted emails using TLS, S/MIME and PGP
  • Reading and Assigning SAP security policies
  • Support for Powershell v3 and later
  • Transport of UNSRoot definitions including all necessary settings
  • applied sort order of change labels during transports
  • support for transporting Compliance Rules

But there are a couple of additional cool features included as well:
The REST API was extended to support additional capabilities such as calling methods, scripts, customizer methods and events as well as support for different collection load types. This makes the REST API a bigger part in the upcoming API economy in IAM / IAG. There have been some additional SAP HCM info types added to make the SAP HCM sync more powerful and to avoid additional programming effort.

The rollup package is currently available through Dell Support, not yet on the download page.

Seems like i have to use a night in the hotel to upgrade my testing environment this week. 

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