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Sailpoint addressing Data Access Governance

August 4, 2015 Leave a comment

With the acquisition of Whitebox Security, Sailpoint is extending their portfolio into the emerging Data Access Governance market. The Whitebox Security suite will be rebranded and renamed into the Sailpoint product naming schema as SecurityIQ. The plan is to bring the identity information into correlation with the data centric view in the IT infrastructure to get a clear view to bring visibility into “Who has access to what, using which entitlement?”. According to the press release, SecurityIQ will be integrated into IdentityIQ and IdentityNow, Sailpoint might offer the same depth of integration between Identity and Access Management (IAM) / Identity Access Governance (IAG) and Data Access Governance (DAG) than Dell has with their Dell One Identity Manager and the Dell One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition, which was built on the foundation of the former Quest Access Manager. The market will stay heated up…

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