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Installing and Configuring ForgeRock OpenDJ on Windows

February 4, 2015 3 comments

Unfortunately I’m currently out of business while being home sick. But this gives me the chance to get hands-on on some tools I have on my list to discover them during this year. The first of them is the OpenDJ LDAP Server of ForgeRock.

I’ve used the nightly build of OpenDJ 2.7 and ran through the MSI installation wizard first.



For the initial shot I’ve used the default installation directory.



The installation is done pretty quick. What I’m missing here is to start the configuration wizard directly out of the installation wizard. @ForgeRock: Maybe this might be a good add-on to future releases of OpenDJ.

To start the graphic installation you’ve to execute the setup.bat file located in the installation directory without any additional command line parameter.


This I the upcoming configuration wizard.


The first configuration screen comes up with the FQDN of the server we’re currently running on, asking for the LDAP Listener Port (default 389, my configuration will be 1028 as there are other LDAP servers already running on my current machine). I’ve left the administration port at 4444 as I’ve no service bound on this port yet.

For testing purposes I’ve not configured LDAP secure access yet, I’ll add that in a later blog post.

Last step on this configuration screen is to define the root user DN and password for the administration account.


The next screen is to configure replication if needed. I’m planning to set up a Linux server in parallel hosting a OpenDJ LDAP Server as well and to have it replicating with my current server. So I’ve left the default replication port, configured it as secure but left the replication information empty as this is my first OpenDJ LDAP Server so far.


Next configuration step is the definition of the Directory Base DN. I’ve chosen


for this initial shot (you might see different DNs in later blog posts).

There are some options to load data initially using a LDIF file or to import sample data for testing purposes as well. I’ve decided to just create the base entry so far and to set up the remaining LDAP structure later on.


The next screen is to define specific Java runtime options. I’ve used default here.


The next screen allows to review all settings before finishing the installation.


The configuration wizard is now taking care of creating my LDAP instance as I’ve configured it in the screens before.

In the end we do have a running instance of the ForgeRock OpenDJ LDAP Server. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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